The One Command®

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Dee Gibune

This was such an amazing class. It completely shifted my perspective and opened my eyes to directing my thoughts & wishes to actually show up the way I want them to in my life. Since the class, I have actually seen MY OWN ONE  COMMAND that I created and meditated on start to unfold in my life. Thank you so much Donna for this awesome tool and I highly recommend it to those that have never experienced it!

Nicole Lasswell

I LOVED this class!!! And Donna’s and Alida’s beautiful energy set the tone for me to be able to be as honest as possible with myself to shift what really needed to shift within me to create more space to be me. They are so good at teaching it that I now use it everyday, in every situation that I can, and no joke, something magical and miraculous happens. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

DeeAnn Moss

This is an amazing class. The One Command I did during the meditation has been percolating and I am feeling more confident everyday toward accomplishing my One Command.

Jana Beam Powers

I really enjoyed this class and have been playing with the One Command for the last few weeks. In fact, today I used it while I was playing disk golf and got my best score yet. It has also created quite a bit of money coming in while I have been unable to work. So Powerful!!!