Sat, May 30 | Live Class, Online via ZOOM

The Celebration

Celebration is about embracing the moment to acknowledge the gifts, the magic, and the possibilities that would otherwise go unrecognized. Celebration is the creation of NOW and an energy that generated the life you desire.
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The Celebration

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May 30, 2020, 3:00 PM – 6:00 PM CDT
Live Class, Online via ZOOM

About The Event

What if celebration was simply a choice that set in motion more to celebrate? 

Have you considered that the choice to choose yourself, and to choose your life, are also acts of celebration! 

Do you choose the life you have created?  

Does the life you have created choose you?  

Do you choose yourself in your life or are you looking for ways to escape your life? 

If you aren't choosing the life you currently have, do you have the tools you require to change it with ease and joy?

What if choosing life was more about including YOU in all of life and not about choosing yourself ‘out of life’? 

Acknowledging what's so, is the first step to changing and creating what you truly desire for yourself, your body, your relationships, your work, your finances, your reality, and everything else. 

Celebrating life is acknowledging our life. 

Celebrating our choices (good, bad, or ugly) is acknowledging the value that each choice creates.

Celebrating ourselves is a beautiful way to acknowledge ourselves. 

Celebrating vulnerability is a powerful way to acknowledge our courage and our relationships.

Celebrating allowance is a generous way to acknowledge that everyone has choice.  

Celebrating awareness always creates new possibilities, more ease, and shifts toward what we actually desire.

Celebration is the creation of NOW! 

In every moment, we can choose to see value, within and all around, that’s worthy of celebration. Looking back over a full day, a week, a month, a year, or any other specified time... we can see many things worth celebrating! Even in times of disease, discomfort, unexpected situations that don’t seem worth celebrating... there’s something worth celebrating.  

Celebration creates gratitude and gratitude is capable of changing everything!

Celebrating is about embracing the moment to acknowledge the gifts, the magic, and the possibilities that would otherwise go unrecognized. 

So often we slip into a lie that we are unsupported and all alone. Celebration opens up a space to acknowledge yourself (and anyone else or anything else) that supports you and has your back. We are never alone, and it’s actually impossible to be truly alone, but thoughts can trick us and convince us to believe otherwise. 

What if celebration is an energy that could support you and a manifestation of you having your own back? 

If you could celebrate you, how much greater would every moment of your life be?  

Join us this evening and hear from 15 women who have embraced celebration!  Hear them share how celebrating now what they wouldn't have considered celebrating before, has: 

  • changed their lives
  • connected them to their bodies 
  • created a greater capacity to be present
  • empowered them to trust themselves
  • transformed their relationships 
  • created miracles in their finances
  • opened their eyes to knowing that they always have choice
  • contributed to other people and situations in their lives... expanding into even more celebration.  

THE CELEBRATION is an invitation to choosing you and asking yourself, "What would I love to create as a celebration of me and my life?"  

Find out more about " CHOOSING YOU, THE EMPOWERMENT SERIES" starting Saturday, June 13th. 

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