Tue, Feb 22 | ZOOM Class

CHOOSING YOU: The Empowerment Series (2022)

Choosing you is not about choosing out of things. It’s about choosing you in everything. This 3 month series is designed to give you access to YOU and to empower you with the willingness, trust, & confidence to choose you at all times. No one but you can give you, YOU!
CHOOSING YOU: The Empowerment Series (2022)

Time & Location

Feb 22, 2022, 2:00 PM – 5:30 PM
ZOOM Class

About The Event

"CHOOSING YOU"...  What does that mean to you? 

Is it empowering?  Is it a contribution?  Is it easy?  Is it fun?  Does it light you up? 

Is it selfish?  Is it controlling?  Is it difficult?  Is it irresponsible?  Is it scary?  Does it make things confusing? 

If you haven't been practicing choosing for you, how do you know who you are, what you desire, or what works for you?  

If you aren't willing to choose for you, are you living your authentic life?  

How do you know who you are, if you never choose for you, and... can you choose for you, if you don't know who you are? 

Consider how often your choices are based on other people's projections, expectations, and judgments. A lot? A little?  Most of us aren't even aware of just how much this is how we allow others in this way to make our choices, never actually choosing what is right for ourselves. 

The greatest gift you can give yourself and others is to always choose you.  Once you do that, you can see the value of choosing you.  Once you experience freely choosing for you, you will also create a new and profound level of allowance for others to choose for them... because you value it!  When we choose to be the space for others to truly choose them, WE ARE FREE & THEY ARE FREE!!!  They are free around us, because we aren't projecting onto them what they should choose.  Does that sound selfish, controlling, irresponsible, or any of the other things that seem to be convincing about why it's so wrong to choose you?  Of course it doesn't!  

Choosing you is actually a kindness to others, cause when you choose you fully, you don’t need anyone else to be anything for you in order for you to be happy! 

  • Choosing you is not about being selfish ~ it’s about being fully present in your life & being fully alive. 
  • Choosing you is not about disregarding your commitments ~ its about honoring you inside your commitments. 
  • Choosing you does not mean you are choosing against anyone else!  

Choosing is our greatest source of creation. This empowerment series is about recognizing that only by our choice do we create anything, and that every choice we make creates our reality. So, the question becomes: "What do you wish to create?" 

If you choose to have the awareness of what you would like to create and what you would like you life to be like, you can create it moment by moment... choice by choice, and let go of settleing, creating the same old thing or living from limitation. In this empowerment series, you will receive incredible and pragmatic tools that will empower you to choose you and create a life you enjoy living. It's not about finding youreself inorder to choose you, it's about:

  • Seeing what is possbile for you 
  • Knowing you can choose anything
  • Choosing what lights you up &
  • Creating what actually contributes to you

Are you ready to begin the journey of choosing and being the joy and adventure of life?  

"What else is possible?" 

Choice is your birthright and your greatest asset as a human being!  

Your potency and contribution is based on your capacity to choose!  

Choosing you is about knowing yourself and loving yourself in a whole new way that creates magical possiblities beyond anything you could imagined! Read previous participants reviews as they share their experience from choosing to be in the empowerment series.

To find out more about this series, to experience what this series can help you create for your life, and to hear frist hand from previous participants about what they created from their personal participation in the series, join us by choosing the BE A GUEST EVENT option to Class #1 of the series on February 22, 2022! (You will see this ticket option when registering for this series)


**The first class (February 22nd) of the series is mandatory.  If there are other dates that don’t work, please let Donna know before the series begins. 

Investment in you for the full series: $1100.00  

  1. Join us FREE for Class #1 by registering for the BE A GUEST EVENT ticket to  RECEIVE $350 OFF if you choose to participate in the full series.  (Cost of Series for you - $750)
  2. PLUS: Introduce a friend who registers anytime before the series begins, and receive another $50 off. 

CLASS DATES AND TIMES Central Time Zone (all classes are recorded & digital manual is provided):

Class #1   TUESDAY  2/22/22  at 2:00p (first class is 3 hours)

Future class dates in this three month series TBD

Pariticpants can attend via ZOOM.  

Series is Co-Facilitated by: Donna Hildebrand, Jana Beam Powers, Laura Santa Anna, Nicole Lasswell and Kim Marmon


  • BE A GUEST EVENT: 2/2/22