Nicole Lasswell

Inner Peace Broker, Yoga Instructor
Energy, Peace, & Parenting Coach
Practitioner of Reiki, Theta-Healing & Access Bars   
Conscious Facilitator, Writer & Speaker

I am a powerful healer and a skillful guide that can aid the seeker find the truth within.  I have trained in various holistic and healing techniques like Yoga, Reiki, Thetahealing and Access Bars.  However, it has been my personal journey, and the way I have chosen to receive it, which has given me the level of mastery I have achieved living through the everyday challenges with grace.  I am patient, compassionate, caring and loving, yet I am meticulous, fearless and relentless in finding the root cause of dis-ease in the person seeking healing, freedom and inner peace.  Because of my practice, I am able to be sacred space, ask the necessary questions and gently assist seekers towards finding their true selves in the here and now in order to live this life from a whole new level of empowerment.  

My roles in Soulful Awakenings ERA include being a Facilitator, Co-facilitator and Coach in our various class offerings and challenges.  Helping people heal is one thing, teaching them how to walk the talk in their lives and apply these lessons to daily life is another.  I believe it takes both: a good facilitator and a person willing to create a different reality.  


If you would like to know more about my healing work, you can find me here on our Soulful Awakenings website, at my website, or my social media channels: YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.  I would be happy to assist you in your journey.