Embodying Radical Authenticity

Upcoming Events

  • Living the Magic of Intuition
    Thu, Sep 09
    Zoom and Live
    Sep 09, 7:00 PM CDT – Oct 17, 5:00 PM CDT
    Zoom and Live
    Transformative and juicy practices to help you tap in the part of you that KNOWS!!!
  • CHOOSING YOU: The Empowerment Series (2022)
    Feb 22, 2022, 2:00 PM – 5:30 PM
    ZOOM Class
    Choosing you is not about choosing out of things. It’s about choosing you in everything. This 3 month series is designed to give you access to YOU and to empower you with the willingness, trust, & confidence to choose you at all times. No one but you can give you, YOU!
  • CREATRESS TRIBE, The Orgasmic Edge Series
    Time is TBD
    Series on Zoom
Imagine living your life by following the 'creative life force energy' of life itself. An invitation to unfold beyond the edges by receiving your own magic and the pleasures of the Universe. 3 MONTH SERIES
  • Walking the Talk: The Practice of Living Consciously Course
    Aug 17, 8:00 PM CDT – Sep 09, 9:30 PM CDT
    In order to march to the beat of your own drum, you have to listen to that beat, see which beats belong to you, and which ones are others'. This four week class is a practical guide to getting in touch with your Truest self and developing your own roadmap for walking your talk.

Embodying Radical Authenticity
The rhythm of being fully alive


E3 Facilitators & Coaches


Donna Hildebrand

Jana Beam Powers

Nicole Lasswell

Body Intuitive & Advanced Massage Therapist
Energy, Embodiment & Empowerment Coach
Transformational Facilitator
Author & Speaker
Intuitive Healer & Advanced Massage Therapist
Sacred Sexuality, Energy & Pleasure Coach
Empowerment Facilitator
Writer & Speaker
Inner Peace Broker, Yoga Instructor
Energy, Peace, & Parenting Coach
Practitioner of Reiki, Theta-Healing & Access Bars   
Conscious Facilitator, Writer & Speaker

Kim Marmon

Laura Santa Anna

CEO The Abundant Black Woman
Energy, Embodiment & Empowerment Coach
Transformational Facilitator
Blogger, Writer & Speaker
Nature & Sound Intuitive, Ceremonial Healer
Practitioner of Reiki, Access Bars & Body Processes,
Energy, Embodiment & Empowerment Coach
Transformational Facilitator & Speaker

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